Wednesday, December 28, 2005

SNOW! National Crisis!

It always makes me laugh heartily when it snows in Britain. Its a crisis of gargantuan proportions, or so the TV news would have it. The 24 hour news have a field day. Its like the Blitz all over again, the collective bedding down in village community centres, the distress of seeing abandoned vehicles, no-one to care for them!

I laughed at the coverage from Kent's M20 yesterday as the reporter wittered on about the huge problem of snow, when we could see, behind him about an inch of soft wet snow on a railing! FFS!

What a load of bloody stupid nonsense. We can all see from the weather forecast that its going to snow, and well, what's the big deal anyhow?

In countries where snow is present most of the winter, they just get on with it. OK, they stick their winter tyres on which helps them drive in wintry conditions. But they also have mobile phones etc to ask for help. And they wear warm coats, always having hats scarves and gloves etc. Although some don't bother. Basically they just get on with it really - without a daft fuss like what we Britons do.

I've been to Kazakhstan in winter and seen them scoot about on ice all day in ladas, and then also ski every year in Austria, and well, normality is in abundance with snow cover for 4-5 months.


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