Sunday, December 11, 2005

combining two blogs

This new blog combines two blogs I already infrequently post to,

a typepad blog:

a blogger blog:

I couldn't see much point in continuing with two blogs on the odd occasion when I can combine personal and work type stuff in the one blog.

I have had the accidental economist url ( for a while now, I liked the title and its a play on words on the 'accidental theorist' of Krugman. I am a bit of an accidental economist, even though I studied and work in economics for a living, I can't

My identity - those who know me, know who I am. But I am a bit loathed to come out because I have a career to maintain. Not that I'd ever compromise myself or my employer in that way. This blog is not based on my working life but rather the field of my interest amongst other things. But nonetheless there's a chance the blog and job might conflict at some point.


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