Monday, January 07, 2008

bye bye (f*ck off) LONDON!

Well, its come to this - 10 months after the birth of my first child, we're getting the f*ck out of London. Which is a shame, but mostly as the reasons for wanting to stay are a bit of a sad reflection on my life.

Reasons to stay:
  • laziness - we live in West London, and everything is 10 minutes walk away
  • jobs - we'll always get jobs here
  • house - we have a nice house, and its gone up in value a lot
  • pretentious sh*t - hell, I like nice coffees, organic food shops and obscure stuff

BUT! there's always a silver lining - Reasons to move

  • laziness - we're moving to central Cambridge - everything's 20 minutes walk away
  • jobs - Since I'll be working in Cambridge, I'll be able to work and have a semblance of normal life, and get out of the Londoner work ethos of panicking headless chickens. Chill the f*ck out Londoners. If you face adversity - have a laugh about it, get on with the job, get it done, but don't flap all the time about every little thing.
  • commuting - I'll be biking for 50 mins a day. In considerably less traffic. I'll save 1h 10 mins I would normally spend on the tube. Save it for tine with my son, or even some selfish hobby or interest of my own. Oh, and more time with the wife.
  • its not London! less dodgy people, less dirt and rubbish, less noise (no sirens all hours of the day and night), more green space, nicer friendlier people

I guess I'll miss the buzz of London, but at this time in my life I have neither the time or opportunity to enjoy it. For the next 10 years its time for the kids, and trying to get rid of as many hassles of urban living as possible, whilst maximising the benefits.